November 25, 2020


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Best Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions in the US [2020] – WSN

Best Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions in the US [2020] - WSN

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What Are Sports Betting Bonuses and How Do They Work?

Sports betting bonuses are basically marketing tools. The idea is that a sportsbook offers customers, either new or existing, something extra to encourage them to play on the site. Usually this a chance to either save money (like a cashback bonus) or win money with no risk (like a free bet).

There are loads of variations of bonuses, and we are going to cover all of them further down.

How do betting bonuses work?

Every bonus works differently, but they are usually very straightforward. Sportsbooks advertise betting bonuses to encourage users to play, so it would be counter productive  if they made them really difficult to avail of.

The most important thing is to read the terms and conditions carefully, which we will also cover later on in this article.

How do you get a betting bonus?

Again, each one is different. Bonuses for new players often require you to type in a “bonus code” during the signup process. Sometimes, you can type in the code afterwards in the cashier. Sometimes, you don’t even need to type in a code and your account is just credited with the bonus automatically.

Bonuses that require you to type in a code, or take some other action like checking a box in the cashier, are referred to as “opt-in bonuses”.

The key to claiming your bonus is to carefully read and follow the instructions, but getting it is rarely complicated.

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