March 6, 2021


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6 Best Michigan Sports Betting Sites & Apps – The Action Network

6 Best Michigan Sports Betting Sites & Apps - The Action Network

It’s official. Michigan has joined the mobile sports betting party, becoming the 10th state in the U.S. with full-scale online betting and registrations — both necessary in becoming a competitive market.

That also means Michiganians are now free to begin signing up and wagering at online sportsbooks, so where should you start?

Here are six sites you can use to start betting on sports legally in the Great Lakes State, with some notes and promotional offers from each to do some early shopping.

6 Best Michigan Sports Betting Sites & Apps

1. BetMGM

The MGM name is certainly a recognizable one as a casino brand, but BetMGM is on its way to earning that status in the U.S. sports betting market, already operating in a number of states.

It offers an intuitive platform, both as a desktop website and mobile app, offers generous bonus offers, and some important, unique rules that favor the bettor, including full payouts for ties in golf finishing position bets.

2. PointsBet

Always looking for creative ways to allow its users more options to bet (and win), PointsBet gets its name from a style of betting it offers known as “points betting.” In short, the more points by which your bet wins, the higher the payout you collect.

PointsBet is also among the most generous sportsbooks when it comes to promotions, keeping users engaged with weekly offers, boosters and more.

3. DraftKings

Thanks to its name